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The Professional Investor Podcast

Discovering how investors become full-time real estate pros!

Join David and Matt every week as they interview guests to discover how they transitioned from prior roles in the workforce to becoming a successful real estate investor full-time. They'll also alternate each week with episodes where they cover common real estate topics and FAQs. Subscribe to our channel to grow your knowledge on real estate investing, pick up tips, advice and gain insight on how you too can implement steps to help you succeed in real estate and become a Professional Investor. The Professional Investor podcast is brought to you by Seven Bridges Real Estate Investments and Someday Homes Realty.


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From RadioShack to Multifamily Empire with Jake Stenziano

In this episode David and Matt talk with Jake Stenziano to find out how he started his career as an investor, and how his sales experience and drive to win brought him to where he is today. Jake discusses the importance of documenting and implementing systems, qualities he and his team look for during the hiring process, focusing on branding and much more. Listen in for some great tips and resources, including Jake and Gino's new book, "The Honey Bee".  

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From Corporate Career to Real Estate with Josh Stack

In this episode David and Matt talk with Josh Stack, Principal at The Stack Company & Humboldt Partners LLC, and a multifamily real estate investor building out a portfolio of holdings. Listen in for some packed details on the many key takeaways Josh gives us! Along with his predictions for multi-family assets moving forward, Josh explains what he feels are the real drivers for that asset type. Josh also explains an in-depth, and different way to look at your debt ratios.

How To Lose Money with Paul Moore

In this episode David and Matt talk with Paul Moore of Wellings Capital. Paul walks us through his investment journey from leaving corporate America, all the way to working with his 3 large funds, and his upcoming book! Paul shares how he moved through his certified shiny object phase and began focusing on the asset class he feels is most recession proof. You won’t want to miss the pro tips Paul gives to help identify the right market to invest in self storage.

Long Distance Investing with Hadar Orkibi

In this episode David and Matt talk with Hadar Orkibi, Principle at Hadar, currently living in New Zeland and investing in the United States, shares his experience on what it takes to successfully master long distance investing. Hadar covers logistics and actionable steps on how to get connected, maintain relationships and become present in your chosen market. Hadar stresses the importance of continually broadening your education, implementing action and connecting with like minded people as he does through his “Make it Happen Mastermind Group”.

Taking Your Income to the Next Level with Chris Larsen

In this episode David and Matt talk with Chris Larsen, the founder and Managing Partner of Next-Level Income. This episode is packed with a ton of great information from the structure and operation of Chris's company, the 4 identifying demographics to look for when selecting the right market and how Chris balances his career, investing and family life. Chris also tells us about his new book covering multifamily investing and best practices to organize your finances.