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The Professional Investor Podcast

Discovering how investors become full-time real estate pros!

Join David and Matt every week as they interview guests to discover how they transitioned from prior roles in the workforce to becoming a successful real estate investor full-time. They'll also alternate each week with episodes where they cover common real estate topics and FAQs. Subscribe to our channel to grow your knowledge on real estate investing, pick up tips, advice and gain insight on how you too can implement steps to help you succeed in real estate and become a Professional Investor. The Professional Investor podcast is brought to you by Seven Bridges Real Estate Investments and Someday Homes Realty.


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From RadioShack to Multifamily Empire with Jake Stenziano

In this episode David and Matt talk with Jake Stenziano to find out how he started his career as an investor, and how his sales experience and drive to win brought him to where he is today. Jake discusses the importance of documenting and implementing systems, qualities he and his team look for during the hiring process, focusing on branding and much more. Listen in for some great tips and resources, including Jake and Gino's new book, "The Honey Bee".  

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10,000 Miles to the American Dream with Reed Goossens


In this episode, David and Matt talk with Reed Goosens, author of “10,000 Miles to the American Dream”, and real estate entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker, and co-founder of Wildhorn Capital. We will learn about Reed's story and his transition out of Civil Engineering to his move to the US where he jumped into real estate investing. With Reed's outlook of "Be Bold, Be Brave & Go Give Life a Crack", Reed explains how important it can be to take a shot at a new opportunity if it comes your way. Listen in for some great stories of how Reed has progressed through his real estate investing career, and how he transitioned to larger-scale investing with other people's money.

From Appraiser to Investor with Josiah Smelser


In this episode, David and Matt talk with Josiah Smelser, author of “Dream It and Build It - How to Crush Your Real Estate Investing Goals”, and a versed real estate Entrepreneur who has built an extensive portfolio in Hunstville Alabama and Dallas Forthworth. We will learn about Josiah’s path and his transition from operating in accounting with his MBA, to the opportunity that started his transition to real estate investing. With his appraisal knowledge, Josiah explains how important it can be to be able to identify hidden value and you won’t want the miss the tip he provides that could help you uncover thousands of dollars on potential deals.

Cashflow vs Equity


In this episode join David and Matt as they discuss the age-old question, cash flow or equity? Both David and Matt share how each of them took different approaches with their own investment strategies. They are both two great examples of how each and every investor’s strategy will differ depending on their specific goals and situation. Whether you are a beginner, seasoned or passive investor, your approach and strategy to decide cash flow or equity should ultimately align with your goals. David and Matt also discuss specific details about the local Jacksonville Florida Market and dive into the areas that they see make sense for cash flow, while others make sense for equity.

Mobile Home Park Investing with Jefferson Lilly


In this episode, David and Matt talk with Jefferson Lilly, founder and managing partner at Park Avenue Partners. Jefferson dishes the details on why mobile home parks caught his attention and how he transitioned from his W2 Silicon Valley career into his current role and operations with Park Avenue’s fund. Not only does Jefferson deliver actionable steps to take now if you are looking to invest in mobile home parks, but he also provides some great tips on what makes a desirable market to acquire a park in. Jefferson really gives us a great overview of the mobile home park asset class and you’ll really enjoy hearing how Jefferson plans and strives to obtain irrelevancy in his business. Find out more about his business at