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Who we are 

Seven Bridges Real Estate Investments is a multifamily asset management group, specializing in small-to-medium size multifamily investment properties in the Southeast. We understand how to locate, acquire and manage the right property that will yield optimal returns, while minimizing risk.

Mission Statement

Seven Bridges REI is built on the foundation of integrity and transparency. We put hard work, ethics, and customer service at the forefront of everything that we do. We have the dual purpose of serving our residents by providing a safe, clean, and affordable place to live, as well as serving our investors by helping them build long-term generational wealth. 

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Our Approach

Investment Strategy


We look for underperforming small to midsize multifamily properties that have strong fundamentals, but are underperforming due to poor management and deferred maintenance. We target B and C class properties with up to 150 units showing strong investment potential.

Controlling the Investment

We are a vertically integrated investment company. Which means we own and operate the property management company servicing our properties.  We ensure that the properties are well maintained and most importantly, the residents are put first. By cutting out the middle-man, this allows us the ability to control the day to day operations and implement strategies that translate to a better performing investment.   

Favorable Financing

We employ a variety of financing strategies to help realize strong returns on capital and ensure positive cash flow during economic slow downs. Our vision focuses on the long-term, favoring investments that have a stable projection and will deliver consistent returns. 

Community Focus

We focus on improving small-to-medium size multifamily apartment complexes in working class communities in the Jacksonville, FL area where population growth is positive, economic conditions are strong, and regulations are less restrictive than in other states.

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Over $3.5M in assets under management

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